come at me T.I.

you going down


look at T.I.

Running to defend that racist white woman, and being a misogynist ass wipe while he’s at it

I see your ass

yeah….T.I. done fucked up now

he goes on to say:

“You ain’t got no business addressing me,” Tip advised Banks, in his WGCI interview, before her most recent tweets. “Get your man to address me. If you got a man, get him to address me, and he and I can speak on it. But you and me, keep dealing with that woman. Y’all handle that. Me and you, we ain’t got nowhere to go with that. I do what men do.”


all i can do is smdh. i got nothing else.

ETA: except to say that T.I.’s about to look real stupid cause Azaelia Banks is on that come up, to a MUCH greater degree than whitey ol whatshername. last i checked NONE OF YOUR ARTISTS WERE DOING SHIT, T.I.




LOL for somebody who always bleats about context it’s cute how you ignore the fact that when TI came back at Azaelia with that, it was after she had said “LMFAOO how u a grown man commenting on what’s going on between two girls. Come on son. Stop it.”  CONTEXT ITS FOR EVERYONE NOT JUST PPL WHO ARENT U

how’s my dick taste? you like it?

mmm choke me with it

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    I hope y’all realize that he is NOT talking about settling beef in civil order…..He ready to whoop some ass ahah.
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    he defended a white woman who called herself a runaway slave master.
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    FUCK T.I., FUCK Iggy, AZEALIA is on the rise, ALL THE WAY
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    no but seriously tho, is that supposed to be insulting? bcuz seriously i love dicks and they are amazing in my mouth
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    how’s my dick taste? you like it?
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    Tizzle ya done fucked up
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    wow, really tho? t.i. all you have going for you are schmedium good lucks and abt an ounce of charm. and none of that is...
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    Let’s be real here. TI was in a lose-lose situation. If he comes after Azealia, he’s attacking a woman and “Why is a man...
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    The kang has spoken and he’s a fucking idiot.
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    I mean does he want to talk to her man to see if he can give him his career back??? like what ??? that’s some punk stunt...
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